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Ligetech Automation Sdn Bhd

is a LED Lighting manufacturer and supplier. Our main office is located in Malim Jaya, Melaka. We provide a wide range of LED Lighting solution to the industry market. With the LED Lighting solutions, Ligetech Automation Sdn Bhd is moving towards Eco Green & Eco Friendly market to suit customer's needs & requirements. We believe that LED lighting can bring more cost efficient, energy saving to our clients & partners.

Indoor & Commercial Lighting Industrial Lighting Outdoor Lighting
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with 6S Concept

Go Green For Friendly Lifestyle By Recycling Used With Support Buying Local, Reusing & Reduce Usage
Eco Friendly For Healthy Environment & Human Safety
EMF Compliant With Exposure Limit
Energy Saving > 80% With Higher Efficiently Power Usage
Produce Good Ideal Colours Lighting
Products Trusts & After Sales Service Is Our Top Priority
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